Poultry Production

Issues for Poultry Producers

What Problems are facing the industry?

With a selection that includes chickens, ducks, quails and turkeys, Australia’s poultry industry continues to supply – by far– the nation’s favourite meat and be a trusted source of free-range and caged eggs.

As demand continues to grow, poultry producers face a raft of challenges – some new, some old – to deliver a quality product while ensuring the ethical management of their farms.

Animal lifecycles, housing issues, stocking densities, rates of disease and pest attack rank highly among the list of problems for producers, alongside inadequate farm extension services and the rising cost of poultry feed.

  • Differing requirements for meat & eggs
  • Legislation around animal well being and ethical treatment
  • Pest and contaminant management
  • The dichotomy between caged eggs Vs. demand for free-range eggs

How do they affect operations?

Centrally focused on efficiency and production rates, poultry businesses must operate on a knifes-edge while adapting to changes in legislation and public perceptions.

Producing well over a million tonnes of chicken meat per year, and with a domestic consumption rate of almost 50kg per person of poultry’s lean protein, the expectation that farmers will meet demand by expanding their operations is always present.

When done haphazardly or without the proper design and features, these expansions can lead to many of the problems discussed while reducing the all-important efficiency of facilities.

How we can help:

When contacted at the beginning of the design phase, AFSystems can help eliminate or mitigate many of these problems before they arise.

From the layout of equipment like silos to help with overall management to shed environment design that allows for better automation and precision feeding while reducing effluent, rodent and disease problems among the flock – our team can help.

We can negate the most common poultry problems and the effect of messy shared spaces or poorly laid out facilities – for meat or eggs. While, at the same time, our feed management system will become a central driver of your total facility management.

Our systems:

Whether for meat or eggs, an automated AFSystem can make all the difference in the world of poultry, dealing with multiple inherent issues through the tailored design and installation of a feed system to suit your needs.

From milling and transfer to recipe and nutrient management, you’ll minimise reliance on outside feed providers with the ability to adjust either per requirements or seasonally, maximising the overall flow, efficiency and safety of your shared space.

With tried, tested, and optimised systems for each sector, we can solve your poultry problems, thanks to our decades in the business, working across a broad range of applications.

The Outcomes

Practical outcomes from our automated systems are wide-ranging and are becoming more understood.

Known for maintaining healthier and happier animals, an AFSystem will keep your operation ahead of the curve in public and legislative requirements around the correct treatment of animals – while delivering actual productivity and efficiency benefits.

From concept through design and installation, we strive to solve as many problems as possible with our technology – easing the load on farmers and the requirements for expensive and often risky manual labour practices.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your automated AFS poultry solution!