Beef & Lamb Feedlots

Challenges for Beef & Lamb Producers

What Problems are facing the industry?

As global demand for beef, and more broadly red meats, continues to increase – now exceeding 50 million tonnes per annum –the most significant issues for producers may be in keeping up with the run.

With only 3% of supply into that number, Australian producers are striving to keep the quality of their meats high to enable market targeting of more affluent global regions where premium pricing can apply.

This undersupply of red meat has led to intensified competition from the world’s beef and lamb-producing nations, while, at the same time, the rivalry from new proteins like pork and chicken continues to rise.

  • Achieving safe, efficient & predictable feed conversion – from inputs into kilos gained
  • Ethical and environmentally responsible management of animal wellbeing
  • Ensuring a premium quality end product
  • Need for reduced Carbon Footprint and carbon soil practices

How do they affect operations?

This massive appetite for Australian Beef and Lamb has left producers facing challenges in meeting demand – while ensuring that ethical standards are met as they deal with drought, sustainability and other animal-related issues.

More than ever, it’s critical for farmers to maximise their margins by using all available Bio Grain Systems– and modern technology – to optimise their feed lotting and, in turn, pass on benefits to their animals, processors and the end consumer.

As knowledge around confinement farming best practices continues to develop, identifying current gaps and opportunities is crucial for the sector’s future – and that’s where AFSystems come in.

How we can help:

Feedlots are essential in drought-proofing Australia’s red meat industries, securing a consistent product supply to domestic and international markets.

As a dedicated provider of automated feed lotting solutions, AFSystems can enable confinement feeding as part of a whole-of-farm livestock and pasture management program.

We can help to establish automation and ownership of the entire process, from the storing of grains to developing and producing recipes with specific protein percentages and providing intrinsic nutritional/health stats.  

Additional flow-on benefits to the farm can also be found in labour minimisation, allowing workers to be redeployed into improving animal husbandry, care and pasture management.

Our systems:

Primarily, our focus is to build automated technology solutions that come together with far more potency than just individual components.

AFSystem’s cutting-edge automation can link a diverse range of hardware, including silos, conveyors, augers, mixers, additive bins, feeders, watering stations, mills, weighers, lighting detection, gas heating and climate controllers.

From brand-new, turnkey installations to a custom integration of new equipment with existing infrastructure, we can tailor a sustainable intensive feedlot solution to suit your needs.

This transition from pastoral and grass-feeding to high protein grain-finished rations can increase your animal’s profitability, thanks to higher body gains and greater efficiencies, particularly when raising beef and lamb. We can also help you strike balance between the two with supplemental feeding to pastures to increase growth whilst maintaining ethical treatment.


The Outcomes

The advantages to automated confinement feeding are many and growing, as Australia’s red meat industry gains a deeper understanding of the process.

Fewer days on feed = improved return on capital invested, alongside better animal management and a reduced risk of associated health and management problems.

In addition to these apparent factors, producers can find wide-ranging improvements around the farm that lead from introducing an automated feeding system.

An efficient and effective feedlot solution from our team can help to maximise carbon and water retention in the ground, increasing pasture growth and preserving pasture density by allowing breaks.

For a specific solution to suit your red meat feeding application, get in touch with the AFS team today!