Aqua Culture

What Problems are facing the industry?

Cost of Capital Infrastructure, Operating as a Primary Producer & high feed Input costs. 

Being a Competitive Supplier against other International Suppliers (ie Asia – Thailand/ Vietnam) Minimising feed wastage & breakage of special ingredients imported outside Australia Operating in High Intensity & Moisture Environments. 

Vermin & Pest Control costs. 

Having reliable mechanical equipment operating 24hrs/day. 

Breeding sufficient stock to meet market demand on a seasonal basis Balancing operating costs without affecting fish health & business viability.

  • Relatively new Industry in Australia, with expertise mostly from Northern Europe 
  • Bio Security & Disease Control 
  • Potential Risk for Animal Activists 
  • High Energy Costs for Water Quality Control Attracting qualified & local Employee labour
Aqua Feed Brochure

How do they affect operations?

Feed volumes need to be small & regular amounts. 

Feed system calibration to tank needs to be precise delivery every time. 

Minimise feed breakage & overfeeding to limit water contamination & extra water filtration costs. 

Incorrect system design & hardware will break fish pellets & increase feed wastage. 

Unreliable feed equipment increases maintenance costs & decreases fish health/production.

Specific operations software is required to automate the process of fish nutrition.

How we can help:

Provide a complete "3D System Design" service to efficiently implement comprehensive solutions that are cost effective.

Profile integrated System Software which is accessible via online support & program updates. 

Provide independent Led screen controls if Computer hardware has a failure. 

Have mechanical installer in most states & provide spare parts warehoused in Australia.

Provide unique Closed Loop Conveyor systems designed for soft handling of Aquafeed.

Our systems:

Bespoke hardware & product cleanout options able to be installed for indoor & outdoor farms.

Equipment is made from SST & IP67 rate materials to reduce corrosion & increase product lifetime.

Provides comprehensive daily & weekly reports to assist fish management. 

Safe low voltage (24 V) control system, easy for trained operators to change out.

Low power consumption & high wearing mechanical parts that are reliable.

Simple Feed Calibration & feed recycling systems to minimise feed wastage.

The Outcomes

Providing technical support for equipment and access to spare parts for hardware is important for the reliable/consistent operation of our system.

The ability to transport consistent volumes of feed to tanks ensures fish are adequately fed, therefore meeting required production targets within the nursery.

User-friendly software system with remote tech support, ensuring continued control and operation throughout production cycles.

Troubleshooting and improvements to an existing system to increase the reliability of operation.

To discuss your options, talk with one of our Aqua Feed specialists today!