Demands on Boutique Distilling

What Problems are facing the industry?

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries in recent times, the flourishing of independent craft distilleries across Australia has brought along its own set of challenges.

Affected by rising trends and the continuing reverberations felt throughout the tourism and hospitality sectors – both significant drivers of revenue – craft distilleries have been in high demand with local suppliers.

Going from around ten available domestic gins in 2013 – to over 700 by 2020 – means many operations face unprecedented headwinds in an already competitive space.

  • The effect of COVID on hospitality and tourism
  • Intense market competition
  • Requirement for barrel aging
  • Spirit excise rates

How do they affect operations?

While global uncertainty is one aspect, distilleries are still looking for new and creative ways to control input costs and reduce the need for manual handling while mitigating the associated OH&S risks.

As many businesses come under pressure, it’s never been more critical to ensure that distilling processes are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, which often means automation.

As the independent distilling sector looks to stabilise and record growth and its $1 billion annual contributions towards Australian GDP, innovation will be required to out maneuver the competition posed by large and established operations.

How we can help:

Offering complete control of the end-to-end process while allowing input costs to be managed through correct storage and hygiene methods, an automated AFSystem can be the difference between a business thriving or closing the doors for good.

Our Malt Masters Systems can enable independent distillers to maximise their natural competitive edge in craft and innovative recipes while ensuring a high-quality and repeatable product that’s world-class.

Working with your existing infrastructure – or able to aid in designing a new facility – we can integrate a complete solution to meet the needs of independent distillers.

Our systems:

Malt Masters Controller manages grain bins to maximise storage and minimise manual handling, dedicated and tailored milling equipment, mashing, fermentation and distilling and ultimately spent grain management, we can design a system suited to your process.

Driven by the need for distillers to experiment, adjust and refine multiple recipes, our packages can be assembled in line with individual requirements and be either large or compact.

Cycle management and a PLC mean that once a recipe is designed, it can be included in the operation sequence with no fuss, delivering reliable products and results every time.

The Outcomes

AFSystems have been designed, engineered and tested throughout a range of robust industry sectors for many years.

Over the years, we’ve learned what our customers are looking for – and the challenges they face – meaning we can put together a custom automated material handling solution to help your business survive, thrive and quickly scale to meet demand.  

An AFS automated distilling system is the solution to ensure that you don’t get left behind as the industry continues to surge and as recognition grows.

Reach out to one of our distillery systems specialists today to discuss your requirements and how the AFSystems team can help!