The AF Systems Story

Our History

With a long history, stretching back over 40 years as a dedicated agriculture equipment wholesaler – AFSystems as a business has come a long way and seen many changes.

Having supplied and installed many hundreds of systems over the journey to a diverse range of farms and businesses, we now carry the weight of experience in everything we do and in the relationships we’ve built.

Since 2014 AFS has focused on several new industries such as Feed Mill, Food production and Recipe Management. AFSystems has gone on to become the leading national – and even international –distributor of equipment for the efficient and effective transfer of material and products.


Moving from low volume solutions into bulk handling has enabled us to help businesses expand their reach and scale effectively in competitive landscapes.

From traditional solutions in the Agriculture/Seed, we have broadened our reach into the world of brewing, distilling and coffee alongside a range of food and seed handling operations.

Our solutions are designed on-demand, featuring fully automated functionality to remove potential manual handling risks and the associated costs, meaning businesses can free up resources for other – more critical – areas.


Our client base has consistently grown from its beginnings in NSW to incorporate Australia as a whole; we‘re even distributing internationally to places including USA, South Korea, Hong Kong -China and Indonesia as our custom solutions gain exposure.

Based on our strong relationships with world-leading suppliers in conveying, crushing, and automation technology, our team has become the go-to source for businesses looking for the latest material handling technology and to gain a competitive advantage.

With the capacity to commission and problem solve remotely, we’ve become a truly geographically diverse business with various solutions suited to numerous applications.


Our ability to design end-to-end solutions based around an existing facility – or a complete solution from the ground up –means we can help businesses achieve their goals regardless of size, industry or location.  

With a focus on future requirements around legislation and certifications, AFSystems is positioned to offer future-proofed product handling solutions that will improve processes and keep up with the pace of change environmentally, ethically, and otherwise.

Our team is committed to providing our customers with products, solutions and support to keep them growing strong for the journey to come!