Convey Systems

Mix and adjust your recipes on the fly with our superior conveying technologies and ensure your feed or food product has the correct nutritional value in the right portions.

Convey Systems Brochure (PDF Format)

Cable and Button Conveyors

Using Cable & Button in a Closed Tube Conveying System. Capacities up to 1 t/hr.

Chain and Disc Conveyors

Using Chain & Disc in a closed Tube Conveyor System. Capacities up to 3.5 t/hr.

Flexi Auger

Rigid & Flexi Augers. Capacities up to 3.5 t/hr

Save Time… Money… Energy…

Triple Benefits: Quality Control, Volume Production & Reduced Costs

Flexibility in Layout and Design

With a range of conveying systems on hand, we can set up systems that meet your production requirements, as well as any multi-facetted options including moving vertically. We can include multiple inlets and outlets to provide the greatest level of flexibility in any system layout for Feed, Food & Seed

Make Energy Efficiencies

Our convey systems are designed to be elegant and streamlined as to reduce dust generation, and reduce friction, thus lowering energy requirements.

Less Maintenance

Our systems are highly reliable, with quality components that result in less breakdowns, and less maintenance requirements. This also ensures your systems stays up and running for longer with less downtime; keeping profits as high as possible.

Lower Costs

Our systems are designed to minimize material damage and control wastage. Less waste and maintaining high quality products decreases any losses you might have, saving money.

When processing food products or if you have strict cleaning protocols to maintain, we have a range of options that can meet any requirements.