Control systems

AFSystems combines decades of lived experience with the highest quality equipment and systems. The AFS difference is the end-to-end approach, regardless of your industry, we have the range of Conveying and Crushing equipment to manage and move your product, then our Control system works with our other systems to automate your processes for you.

Control Product Range and Quote
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Automated Controllers

Our range of automated controllers are able to suit all needs and system specifications for your industry.

Intelligent Vessels

Our large range of storage vessels has options for small and large scale systems as well as different space restrictions.

Capacitive Sensors

DOL Capacitive Sensors are used in the automation process where there is a need for controlled conveyance & storage of materials.

If you are looking to…

  • Decrease work-load and;

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Minimise human error and;

  • Maximise profits

  • Reduce waste and:

  • Produce higher quality products

It is all about creating a repeatable & unique recipe process!

Discover our advanced range of automation systems (single sensor and motor to complete plants), and find greater accuracy in your process – allowing your business to grow in efficiency and productivity.

Automation is the key to maximising revenue for any business, with specialised control systems for a range of industries, we know our customised solutions can help grow your business.

Contact us to see how our range of control systems can help your business.