Key Challenges Facing Dairy Producers

What Problems are facing the industry?

Australia’s dairy industry needs to operate on the cutting-edge of efficiency and automation – just to keep the gates open– as it faces rising costs and competition from home and around the globe.

With recent droughts affecting many of Australia’s dairy-producing regions, farmers have had to battle with poor pasture growth, high feed prices and reduced water allocations.

And, while the future of Australian Dairy still looks bright overall – hinging on exports to rising nations like China and the growth in domestic demand for products like Baby Formula or Artisan alternate milk products – farmers are still operating under a cloud of uncertainty.

  • Processor pricing is reducing margins, requiring greater input efficiencies
  • Seasonal effects on feed prices
  • Labour shortages at all levels are putting the squeeze on dairy producers
  • Public demand for consistency and ethical animal welfare

How do they affect operations?

As production across the industry dips and farmers struggle with a lack of confidence, many have chosen to walk away from dairy farming altogether.  

These factors have led to the biggest players getting bigger – and attracting overseas investment – while smaller operations bear the brunt and suffer further disparity in bargaining power.

Since deregulation in the year 2000, productivity in the dairy sector has reduced market investment, while protections for farmers were removed, leading to today’s volatility.

Controlling fluctuations in production inputs and managing nutrition are ways in which AFSystems can help.

How we can help:

As a team, we’re well-aware of the problems that face Australian dairy farmers, and we’ve been developing our solutions alongside real people for many years.

Our integrated, automated feed systems are designed around feedback from hardworking farmers to provide them with what’s needed to stay ahead of the curve in the dairy business.

Our solutions can drastically reduce costs when combined with automated portion control and processes, allowing budget reallocation and minimising manual labour requirements.

With an AFS System, you can find crucial savings by controlling the seasonal input costs through adjustable recipe mixes –selected for specific nutritional requirements and flexible regarding the exact ingredients.

Our systems:

Our Dairy feeding solutions are comprehensively designed as either brand new turnkey installations or integrated seamlessly with your existing shed and storage.  

Offering the highest degree of flexibility, allowing you to put through feed and recipes of your choice, means the health of your animals is maintained. At the same time, our class-leading automation systems can take away the need for labour intensive work practices.

An AFS Dairy System, including the latest in closed loop conveyor and auger technology, provides our clients with the safe, efficient and predictable conversion of inputs into a quality dairy product that’s ready for the domestic or international market.


The Outcomes

With the long-term prospects of Australian Dairy still looking strong, now is the time to invest in your future by moving beyond agriculture’s traditional feeding methods.

A modern, automated and integrated feed solution from AFSystems can help control rising labour and pellet costs by offering the ultimate feed mix flexibility, nutrition control and functionality.  

As an end-to-end system, our technology has the power to offer multiple benefits, reshaping your business to ensure long-term improvements to performance and an increase in margins for your farm.

To discuss your options, talk with one of our Feed specialists today!