Considerations for Specialty Coffee Roasters

What Problems are facing the industry?

While the popularity of coffee in Australia continues to rise, specialty coffee roasters and producers still face a unique set of challenges.

At the top of that list is delivering a consistently high-quality cup of coffee to consumers, regardless of the local season – summer or winter – and when working with raw products from various coffee-growing regions worldwide.

As the cost of buying beans increases, specialty roasters are looking for ways to minimise process-related expenditure and the need for manual labour, with systems designed to be automated while delivering the best possible quality of coffee to the end consumer.

  • Consistency of roast quality
  • Seasonality and the effect onbeans
  • Consumer interest incertifications
  • Rising cost pressures

How do they affect operations?

Price pressures from the cost of raw produce – and incorporating the need to employ workers to perform manual labour throughout coffee processing and roasting – is putting pressure on small operators.

Consumer demand for artisan roasted beans and awareness of source means that prices are only heading in one direction – up – potentially forcing many local cafes and producers to close.

In a competitive marketplace, where instant coffee products – manufactured and distributed by large global brands – retains the most significant piece of the pie, the need for efficiencies and quality control has never been greater.

How we can help:

While the industry challenges are real, Australia’s coffee market is currently worth over 2 billion USD annually. With growth forecast to continue, AFSystems is innovating to keep specialty roasters in business with a high-quality product and improved margins.

Whether heading straight to the coffee machine – or into bags for sale via eCommerce – a fully automated conveying/recipe system can improve your process from delivery to pour while minimising labour and contamination concerns.

Our systems have been hard at work throughout agriculture and various seed grain and pulse handling applications for decades. With a new focus tailored towards coffee specific businesses, we can deliver the fragile product to finish bagging with ease.

Our systems:

We provide tailored material handling systems that feature equipment to safely store products, reduce waste, and remove contamination like stones, while load cell measurement ensures accurate and repeatable recipe creation.

Driven by required product output and quantities, combined with specific recipe requirements, an AFSystem can be designed and customised for hygiene and self-cleaning while allowing true flexibility.

With either chain or cable delivery mechanisms, eliminating the need for double and even quadruple manual handling methods, our automated systems can be the end-to-end solution that keeps your coffee house in business.


The Outcomes

In contrast to mass-produced products on the market, staying true to artisan and craft values remains a focus for specialty coffee ventures and achievable with a customised AFS System.

Drastically reducing the need for manual handling and associate labour processes to better storage, meaning less contamination and a smoother, more controlled process from start to finish, we’ve got your solution.

Our systems allow for greater control and innovation in recipe mixtures, giving independent coffee roasters an added advantage – while opening the door for commercially viable scaling that ensures the future of your business.

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