Crush systems

Let’s solve your milling and grain processing challenges with a robust crushing solution that’s been tried, tested and proven to deliver better results.

Crush Product Range and Quote
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Disc Mills

MULTICRACKER disc mills use cutting-edge crushing technology to precisely mill raw materials, saving power, lowering maintenance costs and delivering a homogenous grind.

Roller Mills

The AFS Roller mill range is engineered & made in Australia for larger applications with capacities ranging from 1.5 tons/hour right through to 4.0 tons/hour.

Hammer Mills

Designed for fine milling with changeable screens for multiple products. Ideal for large volume, compact, easy to install and operate.

Please visit the 'Multicracker' website for more information about our disc mills.

Our Crush systems offer solutions to address your agricultural and food processing requirements.

“On a daily basis the mill now saves us having to manually mash in – both an operator efficiency and an OHS saving – less wear on the brewer!!”

Save Energy

Multicracker Mills consume just~ 1 kW per ton of regrind.   That is an 80 percent energy saving when compared to conventional hammer or roller mills.

Save Maintenance

Innovative shredding design means that the maintenance costs are much lower than conventional mills, with wear costs in the range of 0.15 cents per tonne.

Preserve Input Quality

Multicracker’s patented cold cut means no heating of the input material, ensuring the gentle, efficient processing of valuable raw materials. For brewers, distilleries, pharmaceuticals and food processors heat from roller or hammer mills can adversely impact on the quality of their finished product.

Homogeneous regrind

Narrow grain size distribution and reduced dust generation compared to conventional grinding processes

Save Mess

Dust Proof and Fully Sealed Mills available  for wet grinding and cleaning-in-place possible

Small but Mighty

Small dimensions and mass with high throughput volume

Every industry has its own unique demands.  In agriculture, energy costs and maintenance requirements are big considerations.  For brewers and food processors low millbase heating is non-negotiable and for pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, the capacity to process the mixed feed of wet and dry inputs are essential.