Pork Production

Challenges Facing Pork Producers

What Problems are facing the industry?

While Australian’s are consuming more pork than ever, the industry is still facing numerous internal and external challenges.

In recent times, issues like transport costs, reduced infrastructure, changing regulations, the cost of feed and competition with cheap pork imports have been felt by many local producers.

As the face of the industry changes, Australian pork producers are looking to the margins for efficiencies and cost savings while striving to find improvements in the ethical management of animals.

With new legislation on the horizon regarding farm effluent and animal welfare, it’s time for a fresh and improved way of doing business.

  • Feed conversion efficiency remains key to the profitability
  • Housing environments and ammonia management due to effluent
  • How feeding systems can influence shedding and penning
  • Usage of antibiotics to manage disease control

How do they affect operations?

With limited access to processing infrastructure as the industry contracts into fewer facilities, piggeries are faced with the challenge and costs associated with the transport of their animals to remote locations.

Occurrences of over supply, combined with Australia’s drought conditions, have led to fluctuations in the farm gate price. At the same time, consumers are becoming more interested in the ethical treatment of animals and the supply chain and process from start to finish.

With unpredictable global feed prices, hinging on the ups and downs of international supply and related excise/taxes, the industry has never been more primed to take control of inputs with an automated solution.

How we can help:

The fully automated, end-to-end feed systems designed, installed and commissioned by AFSystems are directly targeted at managing the unpredictability of feed prices along with recipe control, antibiotic distribution and even social behavior's.

While it may seem a side-benefit to controlling your feed inputs and processes, possibly the most impressive change to your facility is in the improved animal conditions, behaviour, and overall health outcomes.

With the rise of conscientious consumers, this factor is becoming a critical and highly visible one.

Our systems:

An AFSystem puts the power back in your hands, allowing for self-manufactured feed recipes – with specific nutrition and medicinal values – to be applied and adjusted seasonally.

Our systems are equipped with the latest automated instrumentation, offering remote commissioning and access while enabling start-to-finish feed processing on-site.

Compared to traditional systems like Flexi or rigid augers – which have higher maintenance – our closed loop solutions can be designed to produce much less noise, leading to better animal health and operational control.

Penning and accommodation are taken into account in the design phase, while our chain systems allow feeds to be transferred a lot further, delivering more extensive scale and lower animal impact.


The Outcomes

Designed for flexible grouping and feeding arrangements, with the ability to influence and improve the overall behaviour of your animal group, utilising an automated AFSystem in your piggery can offer many flow-on benefits.

For better conversion of feed to kilos, reduced reliance on antibiotics, broader feed selection choice and happier, healthier animals – you can be sure that our solutions have been manufactured to provide maximum benefits.

To future-proof your pork production, regain control over your processes and ultimately deliver a better product to market, talk with our industry experts today around a tailored automated AFSystem!