Considerations for Craft Breweries

What Problems are facing the industry?

Faced with competition from large and established brewing companies, while watching alcohol sales decline, it may give the impression that the brewing industry is on the slide.

And while the above is true, what we are seeing is a consumer shift towards the premium end of the market, as smaller independent and craft brewers become more in vogue with a distinguished image and product than large scale traditional companies.

The issues facing these smaller operations are often found in the ability to scale while retaining an artisanal vision and output, alongside multiple practical issues like the storage of large grain bags and the disposal of spent malt.

  • Scaling up while retaining quality
  • Keeping true to artisan ethics,authenticity and results
  • Changes in consumer behaviour around alcohol
  • Malt storage and spent-grain disposal
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How do they affect operations?

To compete while producing a hand-crafted product that attracts premium pricing, craft breweries need to be efficient across all areas of operation while staying true to their roots.

With the market turning to local, artisanal products more and more, these businesses are in the box seat to capitalise; however, many challenges present when scaling.

Traditionally, malted barley and wheat are delivered to the brewhouse in large bagged quantities, causing multiple manual handling issues alongside safe storage and pest invasion considerations.

The key in this instance is to automate the process while utilising the latest in grain handling and brewing technology.

How we can help:

With revenue in the craft beer industry forecasted to increase over the near and medium terms, it becomes critical for small operators to maximise efficiency, in turn, locking in margins and making gains where possible.

Automated Malt Master brewing systems are designed to do just that.

Enabling optimal raw material processing – and with support through every step of grist production – our systems take care of your brewing process from start to finish, allowing your resources to be redeployed to provide added benefits.

Our systems:

From malt, grain and ingredient intake, through storage, internal transport, crushing, mashing and precise recipe control, an AFSystem can be designed to suit your infrastructure, desired output and budget.

Our solutions offer customisation for cleaning and classification, right through to preparation of malt/roasting, right up to the individual grinding of malt and other grain-based raw materials.

Tried and tested in multiple brewing facilities, our fully managed software integrates with mechanical components to deliver unrivalled efficiencies while making your environment a safer and cleaner one. Our Malt Masters systems are also capable of managing the finished beer, yeast and fermenting vessels.

The Outcomes

For an end-to-end automated solution – designed to not only keep craft brewers in business but also enable easy scaling with increased efficiencies – make an AFSystem your go-to.

Supported by rising consumer demand and innovative new products and methods in the sector, Australia’s craft brewing has a bright future, and we’re here to help facilitate your results.

Malt Master systems are also capable of managing the final beer yeast or ferment

So take the hard work out of your brewing process, and ensure control and excellent, repeatable results every time with a complete solution from the AFSystems team.

Talk with our team today and see how we can help you manage your spent grain!