Foods & Seeds

Considerations for Food & Seed Handling

What Problems are facing the industry?

The handling of food, seeds and grains – regardless of your industry or application – can offer up quite a few challenges that are critical to running, sustaining and growing your business.

Using the humble heavy storage bags can lead to many potential issues, including the requirement for physical manual labour, bringing with it OH&S and safety concerns, while the bags themselves are prone to failure and pest invasion.

Maintaining freshness can be troublesome when using traditional bag storage methods and something many operators look to mitigate while also considering consumers’ changing tastes and awareness.

  • Minimising breakage/wastage during product handling
  • Reducing the requirement and risks for manual handling
  • Precision and repeatability of recipes and consistency of product
  • Cleaning and dust reduction options available
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How do they affect operations?

From coffee houses and bespoke breweries to seed cleaning, sugar, flower and food wholesalers to packaging and processing, ensuring repeatability and authenticity while scaling your business is undoubtedly a high priority.  

While double and quadruple handlings of the same bulk bad of product may seem economical, it also puts your people under strain and is incredibly inefficient in the scheme of your system, however large or small.

These issues alone can make it hard for your business to be competitive – while staying true to your vision – and delivering a crafted product to your customers that you can be proud of and they enjoy.

How we can help:

For the bulk handling of your food, seeds and grain, without having to haul around heavy bags and deal with the associated storage, pest and freshness issues, an AFS solution may be the perfect end-to-end solution for you.

Working back from your required output helps us design an automated system suited to your business’s needs while providing far greater efficiencies, continuity, and flexibility in your recipes.

An AFS system can give you a leg up on the competition and cement your reputation as a quality producer, with consistent products of excellent quality.

Our systems:

An AFSystem can be designed and assembled to take care of your product processing from start to finish with a fully automated chain or cable conveying solution, including loadcells for precise digital control and execution of recipes.

Our equipment lines extend across bulk grain handling, weighing, milling, roasting, recipe control and mixing systems with a solution that’s sure to solve your problems while allowing your business to adjust on the fly.

For a hygienic and approved distribution system – that’s self-cleaning and durable – turn to the team at AFSystems and support your creative flow with a cutting-edge solution that’ll bring your business into the modern age.


The Outcomes

Whether you’re looking to scale your business, drastically improve your material handling processes or simply provide the best product to your customers that you can, an AFSystem is your go-to.

By solving so many traditional bag-related problems in one unit, you can enjoy the multiple flow-on benefits to be found in and around your targeted improvements.

In an industry sector where consumers are demanding that their products be premium quality with an artisan flair, it’s never been more essential to ensure efficiencies where possible.

Talk with our experienced team today about a unique AFSystem that’s sure to help your business thrive!